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A Beginners Help Guide To Apple Mac Computers

This information is the start of a thread of articles that provide novice users a grounding within the Apple mac operating-system. For individuals accustomed to Home windows computers the change to Apple can appear daunting. It need not be. Within this number of articles I'll help you with the transition in the Home windows atmosphere towards the new edition of Apple OS 10.6, also referred to as Snow Leopard.

So, to the first article. Identifying the similarities between Home windows and Snow Leopard is a terrific way to get the bearings, and quell any fears about how big the job ahead. The initial place to begin on the Home windows PC may be the Start menu, as well as on a apple mac repair near me Ipswich it is much the same.

On the Home windows PC you discover the beginning button towards the bottom left hands corner from the Toolbar that continues to be visible automatically at the base of the screen. On the Mac you click the Finder icon around the left hands side of the Pier, also is automatically visible at the base left hands side from the screen.

Clicking the Finder icon raises a window that appears just like the Home windows Explorer window that will open should you selected My Documents from the beginning menu on your computer. Your window has numerous familiar, similar features that permit you to travel through your pc.

Within the left hands column from the window you will notice three headings: Devices, Places, and check For. Under Devices you can observe your computer's hard disk drive, automatically known as Mac pc HD, an iDisk, and then any others drives which may be linked to your pc like a USB pen drive or exterior hard disk.

Underneath the Places tab you'll again see many familiar features, including: Documents, Music, Movies, Pictures, Downloads, and Desktop. These names are self-explanatory, however for clearness you are able to relate these to the related Home windows folders: My Documents, My Music, My Videos, My Pictures, Downloads and Desktop.

To travel through your pc you just click on the relevant name to determine the files contained within that folder shown on the best hands side. You now should test out the various view options that you simply select by hitting the icons along the top window. You will find four view options: Icons, List, Posts and canopy Flow. Icon and list view display the files inside the folder around the right hands window. The Column view allows you to click a person file and find out a preview of this file with info on which kind of file it's, if this was produced, how big it's, as well as shows a fast preview from the file contents. Finally Cover Flow combines their email list view having a preview panel and enables you to click on the right and left arrow secrets of travel through the files viewing the preview for every.

Just like your Home windows PC it will save you your documents, music, video and photos within the corresponding folders. In later articles we'll explore the programs, or applications because they are known on the Mac, which you can use with every file type. The Applications folder within the Finder window is how all programs are saved on your pc, and you may open any program installed on your pc by clicking Applications after which double-clicking the appropriate program, for example Mail should you desired to send or receive emails.

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